Sleep and eat at home at the foot of the magic mountain

The marriage of Sant Joan de Vilatorrada formed by Pepita Seguí and Josep Maria Torra are proud, with a smile from ear to ear, to be able to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of what they say has been their fourth child for them.
Officially they only have three, but Hostal Pedraforca has become a member of the family. And is that this project to go into without thinking and I wondered by chance, has become his life.
It is now that they explain it with a smile from ear to ear, because throughout this half century they confess that they have seen all colors. << In my life >> they would have imagined being where they are now: retired and with the future on track of this hostel located in the municipality of Saldes, at the foot of Pedraforca.

José María is a mechanic and has worked for 35 years at Pirelli and his wife, Pepita, is a dressmaker. As a mechanic and a thirty-year-old dressmaker, with no experience in the world of hospitality, dared to build right in the middle of the mountain? They have asked you this many times. << I had a co-worker who had a house in Saldes and half joking half seriously we started with the idea of setting up a mountain shelter next to Pedraforca >>, explains Torra. The 1965 begin with this project along with another marriage with whom they were partners for a few years. << We had neither experience nor money >>, adds Pepita, << and we started with one hand in front and one behind. We were gradually building the building, which began with two floors and an attic >> There was no official inauguration, because when the workers were still there, some people already demanded to stay, remember.

<< Immediately we began to make extensions and little by little we were making improvements >>, they explain, << and every year, when the clients came, they already wanted to see what would be the novelty of that summer. When we had a little money, we invested in some improvement, and we even helped the workers >>, they say. One of the additions that remember with more << terror >> is the installation of the heating system. << I thought we could not pay more, all that money >>, confesses Pepita. << He was not talking to me for two months because he got angry with me to carry out this work >>, laughs José María, << but we threw ourselves on his head, it was very expensive >>, he adds.

The original building has evolved and grown. The rooms have a bathroom, a large restaurant overlooking the Pedraforca is the star of the hostel, they have a unique terrace and twenty-four rooms with capacity for more than sixty customers. What has not changed so much, they believe, are the customers. << We have many faithful people who come to the hostel year after year and we even have families with three generations that have passed through here >>, they say proud. Now there are also many new customers and many people who only come to the restaurant to try dishes that have made us famous, such as mushroom rice. For them, however, the family treatment is << key >> to work for the public, << whether they are known clients or not >> and they have maintained it until they retired. Jordi Torra, one of the sons, and his wife, Claudia Matamala, have been at the forefront of the business for a long time, who have maintained the essence of the hostel and also brought a touch of modernity in adapting it to the new times.

The views, the natural environment, the family atmosphere that makes you feel at home and good cuisine are the main attractions for visitors. This is assured by those who have created it and made it grow. An identity seal that they hope will never be lost.